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An action-packed sci-fi thriller on the high seas.

To stop a terrorist from unleashing a zombie virus pandemic, U.S. special forces secretly board a Caribbean-bound cruise ship.

Insert-strike-extract. It's just too damn easy. Even for  veteran Marine Colonel Theo Briggs, the U.S. Navy SEALs-led Operation Z has everything going for it but an SHTF back door. The 4000 souls aboard the ship will be sitting ducks to an undead horde if the lone wolf terrorist throws them a curveball. When the Colonel's investigation reveals a blind flank across the battle line and he gets ignored, he forms a desperate alliance with ex-soldier John Miller who recruits a back-up shadow army of vacationing servicemen and civilians.

Then the unexpected happens.

A nightmare no one aboard the Christmas-themed cruise ship foresees unravels as Operation Z morphs into a black operation that can plunge humankind into an apocalyptic event it may not be able to rise back from.

The Lost Tryst

Thirty-years deceased, Daniel Pershing stubbornly clings to an abandoned house. To help him cross over, his father had hired hundreds of psychics. All of them had failed.

Agnes Haskell, a twenty-eight-year-old veteran trance medium and her two assistants were the latest paranormal experts contracted by billionaire Caleb Pershing. They would host a two-night seance on the haunted house relocated in a fog-shrouded central California wilderness miles from civilization.

For the trio it was a lucrative, once-in-a-lifetime gig. Just turn a blind eye on the Victorian house's warped form that defied rational explanation. Forget that they had no backdoor to bust out of or a road to flee into on the outside chance a seance session turns into a terrifying ordeal. None of the past psychics had connected with Daniel. Why should their experience be any different?

Then one night, Daniel connected.

This gothic supernatural horror is now on sale. Click link below.

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