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Privacy Policy

Any personal or non-personal data that this site collects when you communicate with me by way of contact forms or when you subscribe to my newsletter via opt-in forms facilitate either visitor-initiated email exchanges  or author email notifications pertinent to the subject of newsletters and other publisher news and updates. I do not harvest email addresses to add to my mailing list without user consent expressed through actions such as opt-ins where visitors voluntarily sign up and leave information on subscriber forms.


I use a website hosting provider along with an email marketing service. I trust these sites and you can email me for the names of these platforms if you want to check out their respective  privacy policies. I never knowingly share subscriber information with third parties. I assume the visitors are aware that through their interactions with websites, such sites typically retain basic user data such as IP addresses and browser types. Please note that the email address that you leave when you subscribe to my newsletter is stored to enable me to send you notifications. If you no longer wish to receive email from me you can always unsubscribe and I will make sure your decision is honored.

This is a simple author website with very limited marketing reach. I don't sell books on this site and I offer no affiliate links. The clickable links on this website that sends visitors to retailers where my books are available are just that--direct portals to external product sales pages where visitors may check out my published works. If you doubt these links, you may choose to directly visit the retailer venue after your browsing session had ended. I am not responsible for the practices and the privacy policies of these external sites.

This website also protects your personal information by keeping optional site functionalities to a bare minimum. For example, I don't turn on tools such as cookies. If in a future time new features such as blogs or reader magnets are introduced, a revised privacy notice will reflect the changes.

By visiting the site, you accept this privacy policy. If you have doubts about this policy or if you find its terms inadequate, you may leave the site. As always, subscribers can unsubscribe anytime.

This policy may be updated and subscribers will be notified of significant changes in the policy. All subscribers must be 18 years or older or have the consent of a parent or guardian.


If you have questions about this policy, you may get in touch with me by using the contact form at this website's main page header.

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